10 Goals for Today’s Working Women (and the men in your lives!) Part I

This blog is for everyone, so don’t stop reading! If you are a man, please read this and then pass it on to a woman in your life.  It could be a colleague, friend, or perhaps your wife or daughter.  Let her know that the following thoughts are from a leadership coach with thirty years of professional experience.

If you’re a woman, look over the goals below and then spend time reflecting on them.  Where are you strongest, and what gifts and skills are you executing well?  What areas do you need to improve upon in the days ahead?  If these thoughts are worthy of your consideration, please use them to improve your life and then pass them along to a friend or co-worker who you feel might benefit from these skills too.


  1. Embrace Being a Woman
  • Gender differences exist; they are beautiful—and it is okay!
  • Being female offers you unique connections and opportunities with colleagues and clients alike.
  • Don’t lose touch of the ‘girl’ inside of you—she’ll keep you grounded with what’s fun and really matters in life.


  1. Develop Personal Confidence & Self-Respect
  • No one likes a whiner or someone who needs constant reassurance.
  • Self-respect starts with you, and no one can take that away from you unless you allow it.
  • Confidence can build with time and experience—so track your accomplishments and reflect on them often!


  1. Remember to Hone a ‘Culture of Appreciation’
  • Be grateful and positive throughout your day.
  • Share your appreciation for others regularly and consistently.
  • Remember, avoid flattery and instead compliment individuals using specific characteristics or accomplishments.


  1. Build a Support Team
  • Think of a NASCAR driver: he or she is nothing without the “pit crew.”
  • Surround yourself with a circle of trusted friends and colleagues who build you up, and vice versa.
  • Develop a relationship with a mentor/accountability partner. Figure out a time you can meet regularly in order to bounce ideas off this person as well as receive honest feedback about your leadership.


  1. Stop Trying to be Wonder Woman
  • Whoever told you that you had to do it all? If someone tries, tune him/her out.  Instead, at the end of the day ask yourself:   Did I do the very best I could today?
  • Don’t be afraid to delegate to responsible members of your team.
  • You will be far more productive if you work toward personal and professional life balance. How are you doing in terms of balancing fun, fitness, faith, friends, family, “firm” and finances?


Part II of “10 Goals for Today’s Working Women (and the men in your lives!)” will be coming your way soon.  In the meantime, keep going-àkeep growing!  Your leadership is making a difference with everyone in your life!

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