10 Goals for Today’s Working Women (and the men in your lives!) Part II

In a previous blog, I shared five of ten goals that I believe are beneficial for today’s working women, and the men in their lives too. It is my belief that if men could kindly encourage the women in their lives to follow the values/principles shared here via accountability, both men and women would benefit from that relationship and its values.

This blog finishes this list off, but the process will only be complete when you intentionally implement all ten into your life.  Again, I’d encourage you—whether you are a man or woman—to share this information with someone else you care about.  Remember, leadership is influence—so keep impacting others in positive, productive ways!


  1. Avoid Apologizing Too Much
  • Taking ownership for your actions is critical, so be the first to seek forgiveness when you have offended or hurt someone.
  • Once forgiveness has been offered, move on. Whether or not the other person accepts it is now his/her responsibility.
  • Remember, trust is built—and rebuilt—over time. Sincerely seeking forgiveness is the first step toward developing new, improved levels of trust.


  1. Don’t Assume Anything
  • “Circle back” when things aren’t clear. Ask clarifying questions to make sure everyone understands and can move forward successfully.
  • Strive for “no assumptions and no ambiguity” in all of your conversations. Communicate as clearly as possible.
  • If you’re going to assume, then assume the best!



  1. Leave the Gossip to TMZ
  • Whether true or not, women are often labeled as the biggest office gossips. The best way to stop the rumor mill is by not listening at all.
  • When someone tries to bring up a third party in a conversation, simply say, “Let’s go get (name here) so we can include him/her in this chat.” Then do that if necessary.
  • Never, ever gossip yourself. Once that door is open, you’re part of the problem.


  1. Say No to Fear
  • Remind yourself that, except for emergency situations, fear is seldom beneficial.
  • As you develop “relational equity” within your team, trust will be increased and fear reduced.
  • If you think someone is after your job, adopt the attitude of “Bring it!” In the meantime, you’ll be so busy doing fantastic work that everyone around you will be impressed with your effort!



  1. Keep Learning & Growing
  • Learn something new every day. Even if it’s one small tidbit of information, it will keep your brain sharp and ready to learn.
  • 21st century learning skills are constantly changing, so keep an eye out for workshops, conferences, or webinars that will add to your portfolio of experiences.
  • Share some of what you are learning each week with your co-workers so they’ll be aware of those new ideas and concepts too.

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