Growth Mindset Meets EQ

“Growth Mindset” mania has hit America, and everyone from corporate executives to educational leaders are talking about the topic. Carol Dweck’s Mindset: A New Psychology of Success has stirred conversations about the ability every person has to keep learning, growing, and achieving in order to reach his/her full potential.

And those of us at LEADon couldn’t agree more with this message! In fact, over the years we’ve shared our philosophy that everyone has the capability to keep cultivating skill sets in order to improve their personal and professional lives. In particular, LEADon emphasizes the concept of Emotional Competency—or EQ (Emotional Quotient). There are twenty-five specific characteristics that comprise EQ, and these fall into two basic categories:

  1. Personal Competence
  2. Social Competence

Personal Competence is defined by Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, and Self-Motivation. Social Awareness and Social Skills are both components of Social Competence. For the past two decades we’ve conducted extensive research with thousands of leaders and their employees around the world using our Developing Emotional Competency Questionnaire (DECQ), an online assessment that identifies EQ strengths and weaknesses in individuals, teams, and entire organizations (we have coined the term Corporate Family ™ for those in our daily work family). After receiving detailed reports, participants have then implemented LEADon’s unique “Sharpening Your Edge” strategies to improve weaker EQ areas while augmenting areas of strength.

In order to expand LEADon’s philosophy about personal and professional growth, we introduced LEADon University™—an online platform to provide leaders and their teams access to cutting edge content—any time, any place. Developing critical leadership skills is no longer limited to special events, organizational training, or scheduled webinars. LEADon University™ offers opportunities for personal and professional development, not only in the area of EQ but also in over fifty critical leadership skill sets. Check out for more details about this exciting new approach to leadership development, or please contact us at

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