How to Hire: Part II

As we discussed in a previous blog, the hiring process can be harrowing for many leaders. Pressure is on to find the “perfect fit” for the Corporate Family—and there is often a looming fear that you might miss the best candidate in the frenzy of trying to fill an open position.

If you recall our guidelines in Part I of How to Hire, we recommend that you set the resumé aside during the interview process. Why? Because this should have been the ticket for entrance to this event! Whatever technical skills you were looking for should already have been vetted. Technical skills are one of the six characteristics of Hall of Fame leadership that we discuss in our book, The Leading Edge (see Chapter 2).

Once you are assured the candidate meets the technical requirements of the role which needs to be filled, you can spend time during the interview getting to know each individual, especially looking for the other five qualities you’d like him/her to have: Leadership, Culture, Competence, Commitment, and EQ (Emotional Quotient).

To determine which candidate has game when it comes to these five critical components of Hall of Fame leadership, we suggest you create a list of “leading edge” questions. In other words, ask the individual specifics about leading, corporate culture, being a competent employee, and commitment in general. EQ questions should look for both intra-personal (personal skill sets) and inter-personal (social skill sets) capabilities.

At LEADon, we place great importance on the hiring process because it is not just about finding a body to fill a position but instead about adding a key member to your existing Corporate Family. Taking time to consider these Hall of Fame skill sets should not only make the hiring process more pleasant but should also help you increase the chances for success within your organization.