Leadership Lessons from Far, Far Away

*Sometimes a simple story reminds us of where we need to grow, so enjoy the leadership fable you’ll find below!

Long, long ago in a place called Far, Far Away

Life was sweet and pleasant, both night and day.

The king and queen led with a fair, balanced hand

So men, women and children thrived throughout the land.


But as often happens, those leaders let things go.

They figured their kingdom had no reason to grow.

Little did they realize, their people thought so too.

And before long this land had more trouble than it knew.


Complacency and entitlement were the rule of the day.

Workers often whined when things didn’t go their way.

The bad tidings arrived with the chief advisor’s report:

“Our storehouses are empty, and time is running short.”


The king and queen knew they must change their ways.

They had to improve their game, and they said so that day.

“We let you down, but we’re going to make it right.”

Then they gathered top leaders to gain fresh insight.


With intentional effort, they implemented a new plan.

And soon everyone’s attitude shifted from can’t to can.

So may we remember this lesson each and every day:

Leadership makes a difference, even in Far, Far Away!

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