Leadership Is Influence: Mentoring-Protégés and Cascading

Podcast #08:Leadership Is Influence: Mentoring, Protégés and Cascading from LEADon on Vimeo. In Episode 8 of our podcast series, Drs. Steve and Jared discuss the relationship between influence and leadership, and the importance of mentors and their protégés. In addition, they share how developing these essential relationships can help you cascade leadership skill sets throughout […]

By Steve Wilke |

Generational Leadership: Generations at Work

What do a 55–year-old CEO, a 38–year-old manager, and a 22–year-old intern have in common? Definitely not their favorite music. Probably not their style of communication (email versus Twitter). Maybe their Starbucks habit. The one thing these age groups absolutely have in common is that they’re all members of today’s workforce; many of them are […]

By Rebecca Wilke | LEADing Edge Topics


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