The Keys to Setting Personal Boundaries

Learning to set appropriate boundaries is an essential part of everyday life. It is especially vital to being an exceptional leader. While none of us can force anyone to act in healthy and meaningful ways, we can set boundaries. Offering someone a choice in how to relate is an opportunity we all have and should take advantage of in leading others.

There are three easy-to-remember guidelines when setting boundaries:

1) Simple and Clear: Keep it simple, and it is important to communicate clearly.

2) Reasonable: Always ensure your boundaries are both fair and appropriate.

3) Enforceable: Any consequences to violated boundaries must be within your power to apply to have an effective reinforcement. This involves timing, consistency, and understanding.

Setting appropriate boundaries as Leaders not only makes your life better, but it also minimizes confusion, allowing others to understand their roles and responsibilities. This will lead to a more productive professional, and personal, life for everyone involved!

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