“Your Lack of Faith Disturbs Me”

A blog post for Forbes Magazine recently covered the major lessons that can be learned from the Galactic Empires’ leadership mistakes in the original Star Wars trilogy. The author discusses five mistakes that leaders in our world should learn from. While you can read the original post at the Forbes website, but here is a summarized version of the leadership principles for today’s globalized marketplace.

  • Build your teams and company around people. Remember that without the employees who make up the company, there is no company.
  • Allow your employees to have personal involvement in your company. If your employees have an emotional involvement with your company, they will be more motivated to help it succeed.
  • Failure is part of life and business. Failures are inevitable and will happen. Adjust set realistic expectations. Instead of over reacting, use them to make mid course corrections. Use these learning experiences to teach your team members how to avoid failure in the future. There will be major failures that cannot be tolerated in a company and will need direct attention, but most failure can be used as learning opportunities to be turned into productive and profitable future.
  • Be flexible in the goals and objectives for your company. Circumstances will change, and your company needs to be able to make the mid course corrections to adapt to these potential barriers.
  • Finally, learn from the mistakes of the past. If a specific strategy is not working in your company, do not continue to stubbornly push it. Be adaptable and able to learn from the past.

Here at LEADon, we not only encourage you to focus on these principles, but also to avoid the Galactic Empire’s mistakes and result in the failure of the Death Star.

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