Are You Aligned and Attuned?



Why is it, with 7 billion people and increased intellectual and technological abilities, that we are still facing so many problems around the globe? In a world with more educated individuals than ever, with more training and specialization, we still deal with tremendous difficulties—especially in regards to interpersonal relationships. In this podcast, Drs. Steve and Jared discuss alignment and attunement—and the positive impact both of these concepts can have in your Corporate Family®.

Alignment and attunement are two specific strategies that will help you improve your organization’s culture and allow team members to interact and achieve at optimal levels. Aligning means intellectually agreeing to a goal, plan, or other business need, while attunement is emotional buy-in to that agreement. Both terms involve the ability to adapt, adjust, and achieve goals in any business climate.

As Dr. Steve and Dr. Jared point out, only 15% of initiatives are actually accepted by boards or management. Alignment and attunement will not only be helpful in increasing the number of initiatives but also in achieving the results necessary for them to succeed. Learn how you can strive for both alignment and attunement in your organization, and discover the connection these concepts have with Emotional Quotient (EQ) as discussed in prior podcasts. See why aligned teams are good, but both alignment and attunement will actually improve corporate culture and allow you to exceed your business goals.