Do You Have a Corporate Family®?



In this podcast, Dr. Steve and Dr. Jared discuss the concept of Corporate Family®—and how to know whether or not your business functions like a healthy Corporate Family should. Corporate Family is a unique paradigm for understanding and improving the culture of any organization. By using this distinctive LEADon approach, problems such as generational gaps, sibling rivalry, and interpersonal conflict can be readily addressed. Corporate Family dynamics are extremely complex because they involve the blessings and baggage each employee brings from their own personal Family of Origin and Family of Procreation.

Since anyone who is employed in a company is a member of a Corporate Family, it’s vital to understand how roles and responsibilities can be affected by these familial dynamics—especially since most of your waking hours during the week are spent with people in your vocational life rather than in your personal life. Great relationships with fellow Corporate Family members are possible, and your entire corporate culture can improve when team members begin to interact in healthy, productive ways.

Watch this podcast to learn how the Corporate Family approach can affect productivity, business function, operations, and overall success. Discover how a ten-question survey will assist you in determining the health and well-being of your Corporate Family, and how the three pillars of EQ, corporate culture and leadership skills are foundational to your organization’s ability to achieve the goals of your business plan.