Leadership Is Influence: Mentoring-Protégés and Cascading

Podcast #08:Leadership Is Influence: Mentoring, Protégés and Cascading from LEADon on Vimeo.



In Episode 8 of our podcast series, Drs. Steve and Jared discuss the relationship between influence and leadership, and the importance of mentors and their protégés. In addition, they share how developing these essential relationships can help you cascade leadership skill sets
throughout your entire Corporate Family®. It’s important to understand the value that a mentor/protégé relationship can have on your organization as a leader (mentor) passes on skills and equips up-and-coming team members (protégés).

LEADon also encourages cascading, which is a leadership technique used to apply mentoring to a large group of next generation leaders. Cascading is a vital, cost-effective way to develop and maintain benchmarks and principles in any organization. This podcast will help you understand what makes a good mentor and how Corporate Family, EQ and your company’s culture are impacted by a cascading approach to mentorship.

If one views Corporate Family as an integrated system, mentoring would be similar to the hardware of the system, whereas cascading would be the software, and the protégé would represent the end user. With that in mind, this podcast will also weave the F.A.T. concept into your understanding of this integrated system—that is, what it means to be Faithful, Available and Teachable. Watch to see how Drs. Steve and Jared help you apply the mentor, protégé, and cascading approaches to your Corporate Family so you can maximize the potential of current and future leadership.